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Aakash Patel

“New L J is my second home. In the last three years, I have spent more time in the college campus than I have spent at my home. Everything at New L J C C makes you fall in love with it; its lush green campus, the faculty members, interesting activities and the principal. The college gave me full opportunity to explore my hidden talents and potential and taught me the lessons of team-work and event management.”


Jatin Keshwani

“The most distinguishing highlight of New L J C C according to me is the incomparable faculty members, who are all so qualified and knowledgeable. Besides being good teachers, they are so co-operative. I would say that I am extremely lucky to have studied in this amazing college with such amazing teachers.”



Every college claims to aim at the over-all development of the students. However, New L J CC really practices it. I can say that when I entered the college, I was shy and very diffident. But the exposure which I got at New L J C C simply turned around my personality. By participating in various activities as volunteer, I learnt many important lessons of life. Thanks New L J CC for making me a confident personality.



I am an avid reader and the Library at New L J C C is a paradise for me. There are innumerable popular as well as high quality magazines and books. The reading room is so stylish and peaceful. I can bet that you won’t find a college library better than this one.


mona yagnik

I am a sportsperson. I wanted to join a college which respects sports as well as the sportspersons. Principal Viral shah, I must say, is a big supporter of sports and motivator of the sportspersons. He takes personal interest in all the sports and extends every possible support and infrastructure for the sports persons.


Shri Rajaram CEO Erhardt + Leimer India Pvt Ltd

“I was quite impressed by the facilities and academic environment created for students. The interactive section with the students was really thought provoking and enjoyable and it reflected very well on the quality of the students and the academic standards at the Institute. I think there should be more interaction of students with industry representatives. Academic curricula should also include industry visits, for students to get an idea about how companies are organized and managed. Improving linkages with industry alone will make the learning process more meaning full and interesting.”


We are writing to express our appreciation for L.J. Group of Institutes for their outstanding co-ordination and excellent enthusiasm at the time of Campus Recruitment which makes the process smooth and easy for us. This comes as no surprise as the same quality and focus is demonstrated in each successful recruitment effort.L.J. Group of Institutes gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their students beyond the field of studies. From our experience, we can say that the students we have recruited from this institute are well organized, highly efficient in grasping new information, and have excellent software knowledge. They are not only hardworking but also sincere and responsible.The Infrastructure has a wide range of facilities and resources for students which supportsthem in their overall development. It aids them throughout their academic career at the college and helps them make a marked difference in their overall student experience.L.J. Group of Institutes has done an amazingjob of creating a pool of qualified candidates,enabling us to select an excellent fit for our Company

Dr. Abraham Koshy Professor – IIM, Ahmedabad

“ LJMBA is a very good institute having a faculty from across the Indian diaspora. The students are very attentive and participative. The vision of the institute will definitely take the institute to greater heights of achievement”

Shri Sushil Handa, Founder Claris Pharma and Fifth Veda Entrepreneurs

“LJ MBA has taken lot of good initiatives to enrich the learning experience of their students. The students are very enthusiastic and willing to learn. The combined effort of the students and institute is very inspiring. I was delighted to see the students all sitting in the auditorium, ready & organized, neat, clean, fresh and particularly responsive all through. This is not often seen. Rather I experienced this for the first time.”